How to become a member of Cocoure Club?

Register your membership under 'Join Us' tab in the menu. A one-time joining fee applies upon registration, and you will get access to a selection of events every year. You can create a username and password for access to the website. Our team will approve your user account within 24h, and you can then start to book your ticket to upcoming events and happenings.

What makes Cocoure Club unique?

Cocoure Club is an exclusive events-based community for individuals and industry professionals. Our members come from a variety of creative industries and enjoy events in sophisticated surroundings. Events will be arranged on a monthly basis in the heart of London. Occasionally it will be arranged events in other metropolitan cities around the world. You are guaranteed to connect with interesting people at our events!

How can I attend an event?

You can only attend events after you have registered as a member of Cocoure Club. If you already are a member, just log in to your account, and find upcoming events and happenings under 'Events' tab in the menu.

What do I do before an event?

If you want to attend an event arranged by Cocoure Club, get a ticket in advance via the website. You will be required to show the ticket at the door, and provide your ID before entry into the venue. The only acceptable form of ID is passport and driving license. 

What to wear to events?

We want you to come as you are, with your own personal style! However, at some of our events, you must adhere to the dress code provided in the event description. Keep it classy, no sportswear or trainers allowed. 

How can I book tables?

You can easily book tables online for members' nightclubs by doing a booking directly with our team. Contact us via

Do you have any other wonders?

We would love to hear from you! You can easily contact our team by email:


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A lifestyle network connecting fashion-forward individuals and industry professionals through events in the heart of London.