For Companies

Promote Your Service, Product Or Brand

COCOURE CLUB have created the ultimate opportunity for you to expose your service/product/brand in our online marketplace, as well as offline at one of our many networking- and showcasing events. If you are an emerging- or established company, or if you simply want to connect with other creatives and industry professionals, a Brandship is made especially for you.

You will find this beneficial if you are a:

  • Artist, Designer, Stylist
  • Founder, Entrepreneur
  • Buyer, Boutique Owner
  • Event organizer, Host
  • Artist, Artisan, Decorators
  • Producer, Photographer
  • Media, PR Professionals
  • Or if you are in other similar creative industries 
Unique Privileges

An Online And Offline Marketplace

Networking and interacting with customers is an excellent chance for you to connect and expand your client-base. We also invite you to organize your own events.

  • Promote your service/product/brand to clients and customers
  • Exposure in digital showroom with look book and web-shop
  • Get inspiration from the latest within art, fashion, tech and cuisine
  • Network and collaborate with industry professionals at events
  • Attract new customers and build your extraordinary client-base
  • Display and sell your brand/products at our events and happenings
  • Get discounts and special offers from our partners worldwide

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