The hub

Cocoure Club, initiated by Cocoure Agency, was launched as a hot-spot for like-minded people, to tie the knots between creative industries.

This club is made especially for the fashionistas, the influencers, the artsy crowd, the music rebels, the muses, the visionaries, the tech-savvy and the creative minds - sharing the same kind of attitude in life. It is a playground for the passionate go-getters who wants to inspire, engage and together create new ideas, while connect and cultivate new contacts.

From London to Hong Kong via New York

Cocoure Club gather inspiring people from different parts of the world; from London to Hong Kong via New York through Dubai and Milan! This creates an unique mix of cultures and mindsets, and you will always have the ultimate hub to head to whenever you are in London!

Get ready for exquisite brunching- and soirées during the day, and fabulous socializing parties at night. Let's not forget alluring art vernissages, creative workshops and dazzling fashion trunk shows.

Most of the events arranged by Cocoure Club takes place in London, but with the aim to target an international crowd across cosmopolitan cities worldwide.

The Founders

Natalia & Marta

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A global event-platform for creative industries and individuals in London

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